Apples & Spears - Market Entry Made Easy
Locally based Market Entry Consultancy for the South-East Asian region, supporting Scandinavian Startups, SMEs and Social Entrepreneurs.
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Apples & Spears is a Singapore based Market Entry Consultancy with an extended local network of partners present throughout the region of Southeast Asia. We support Scandinavian StartUps and SMEs to identify and tap into opportunities for their products and/or services in the Southeast Asian markets. Our clients bring business concepts that can clearly add value to the region through sustainable and long-lasting innovations and business models.



We identify local market business opportunities for our clients through a Scan-Test-Plan-Do methodology that is flexible in its approach and adapted to your company’s specific expansion needs. We project manage entire market entry processes as well as perform single activities that will help boost your market presence and recognition in the chosen market.



These are our own buzzwords, guiding our work. Basically a take on how we want to deliver our services.



Size of operation makes us agile and flexible in our approaches.


Tangible results delivers concrete value through recommendations that can be implemented immediately.


Efficiency and resourcefulness as a small, agile enterprise keeps costs down while providing value for money.



Our services address the range of needs that a company may face, whether entering a new market, expanding beyond a domestic one, venturing into cross-border multiple markets, or maturing in an established global network. As your business grows, so do your needs. Our expertise addresses both where you are presently operating and where you want to expand within Southeast Asia.



Knowledge means power, from understanding the current business environment to seeing the potential for your product or service category in the context of the competition you’ll face. We offer everything from basic to more in-depth analysis of the current market and its future prospects with regard to your company’s specific products and/or services. We also help you and your company test and analyze your organizations readiness level for an expansion abroad through our READY2EXPAND assessment tools. 


In the process of expanding your business into the new market, we can help you address issues in your planning process. We can prepare a local business plan and arrange a roadshow where you will meet local industry partners and potential clients. Together with our local partners we can also help you handle administration of legal issues when setting up and registering your business, finding office space etc. Let us handle these processes for you so that you can focus on what matters most for your company.


So, you’re definitely ready to make the move into your new market in Southeast Asia and it’s down to action. You need a partner who can help your company with important jobs such as Sales, Marketing and Recruitment. We will make sure that you find the right partner within these areas who can help you along the way. Before your company has become known in the new market you may need some help to get the start you’re looking for. The success rate depends on having established networks and connections which are already secured through our partner network.


Every market and country has it’s own specific culture. Business, negotiations, how your business approach is perceived is all down to how you can culturally cope and adapt to the customs of your new market. Southeast Asia is dynamic in having multi-cultural societies with its own values and norms all of which you need to understand in order to be successful in setting up your new business. Let us provide you with the knowledge you need in order to avoid the most common mistakes newcomers and visitors to Southeast Asia typically make in business.



Sandra Appelqvist


Sandra has enjoyed working in a broad range of industries, from Digital, Mobile, Advertising, Publishing, Corporate Training. Focused on cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural project managing for global brands, she established a track record and a passion for the StartUp community. As a market entry consultant and business developer, Sandra values putting strategies into action. Swedish by origin, she has been living in Asia since 2001.

Agneta Spjuth


Agneta is a Market Strategist at heart, bringing over two decades of business experience working with global brands, SMEs and startups. She has enjoyed living abroad in Western and Eastern Europe, and Asia. Today, she is based in Singapore, inspired by the SMEs, startups and social entrepreneurs with whom she works closely in exploring business opportunities in the Southeast Asian region.



The Apples & Spears dedicated network comprises local market experts covering a significant range of fields.

Their cumulative proven track records add up to a substantial number of years in the Southeast Asian region and are in line with our business goals to deliver actionable strategies based on solid local market research and analysis for informed decisions by our clients.


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